Message to the Remnant – 1 June 2020

Dear children of the Eternal King,

During this time in your world, with disease, death and violence rampant in many parts of the world, it is understandable that stress and fear can take over your emotions.

It is important to forgive others and to forgive yourself. If at all possible, distance yourself from certain situations that may cause you to become angry. Do not permit your emotions to run so high that your words cause harm to others. Be sure that whatever it is that you say, is in kindness and with love and compassion.

Racism exists in many countries and within many different ethnic circles. Any form of racism is against the Righteous Principles of the Creator, and His people should stand up for what is right. Do not use violence or unlawful means to make your voice known. Do not be fooled by what secular media and others say to you concerning current events. Many such ones have agendas that are not in the best interest of humanity, and only serve to bring violence in your various lands.

Pray and ask for guidance. Your Creator is available to you. His celestial beings are available to you, and we too will pray for you.

(Given by Metatron 1 June 2020)

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