Message to the Remnant – 6 March 2020

Each person in your world has chosen a path in which to walk. If you have been walking on an uneven, winding road, now is the time to change your path to that which is illuminated by the Light of Jehovih.

Whether the road you have been traveling has been very crooked, wide or only a little crooked, there is a better road ahead for each of you. You have been chosen by the Father according to your faithfulness and according to your needs. He is fully aware of your service in His Name, and He knows your needs and He will bless you accordingly.

Listen to the Voice of your Creator and He will speak to you. He knows your level of comprehension concerning His plans. Jehovih will provide spiritual food for you according to what He knows you are able to receive. As you mature in your faith and knowledge, He will gradually provide more to you, but again according to your needs.

With knowledge received from the Father, you can be assured of walking on the right path which He has chosen for you.

Put your trust in Jehovih and walk in His way.

(Given by Metatron 6 March 2020)

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