To the Remnant — 7 January 2020

From Alaska to Canada, from the United States to Central and South America, from Spain to Italy, from Great Britain to France, I am making my rounds throughout the Western hemisphere to observe those who serve my Father Jehovih* the Eternal Creator who sent me.

I will do the same in the East, from the Holy Land to Turkey, from Egypt to Yemen, and to the many hidden cities where Jehovih’s children reside in secrecy, I will observe each one of them and report on their activities and their progress in the Light that has thus far been provided to them.

Those of you in Yemen, I know of your plight, and I know of those among you who have said, “We will set ourselves against the words of the Father to bring destruction to the Sons of Light.” Children, they are the sons of the evil one and the spirit of jealousy has risen within them. They do not serve Jehovih, but instead the false god of Arabia. Protect yourselves as is necessary. Each of you and your children are under the watchful eye of Jehovih the Eternal Father. Do not fall by the wayside; strengthen your faith and I will walk beside you. Those of you who thirst, I will bring unto you the spiritual drink from Joshu, and your parched tongue will drink again from the vine of life.

There are many who have progressed in the Light and this is a cause of joy for my Father in heaven, while some have permitted mundane activities to rob them of greater opportunities that await them in the celestial worlds.

I am here to help each of you, regardless of your stage in progression. Avail yourself of this help now. The time is shorter than you think. Your soul is hungering for the words of the Eternal Father. You will find these in your Scriptures, and in particular within the pages of Oahspe. The Oahspe is the Bible of your time, the words of Jehovih that shall bind the spiritual communities in union with one another. This is the Father’s purpose for the communities, to be united as one.

I will visit each of you in time, and as the Father permits. Busy yourself with your mission. If you do not know what your mission is, I am here to assist you in discernment. Pray for wisdom, and always pray that Jehovih’s Will be done. I will walk beside you.

Do not neglect the spiritual needs of your soul. Feast upon the word of the Oahspe Bible. Make it a daily habit of reading, studying and contemplating on Jehovih’s words. Ask for guidance in understanding.

For those of you that have become, and who will become isolated due to wars and persecution, always remember that you are not alone. When you see the strife and murder around you, do not permit your faith to weaken. Strife is the doing of man, not of the Eternal Father. Jehovih never changes, and is always with you.

(Given by Metatron on 7 January 2020)

* “Jehovih” is another rendering of “Jehovah” or “Yahweh.”

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