Focusing on Our Original Home

You are an alien here, housed in a defiled body of the earth! The days of your life flee away from you; why do you vainly waste your eagerness on earthly things and put behind you all those of heaven? You have spent your life sunk in the anxieties and cares of the world, wearing yourself out only by means of pains and griefs!” — Gospel of Mar Mani 50:6, 7
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Return to the Light

I heard the cry of the Physician, the voice of an exorcist coming to me: ‘Awake, bright soul, from the drunken sleep wherein you have fallen! O man in whose hands there is wealth, why are you slumbering in this sleep? Why will you not rise early to give homage to the Great Lives, before the accuser has come forth and sat down beside the Judge and he hears the word of the accuser and you are taken away and flogged? The Celestial Beings are spread over the whole land so that they may answer any call – for all those who call in sincerity and in truth shall be heard. O my brethren, lift up your eyes to the Land of Light; you shall see the Friend of the Righteous standing beyond this world, you shall see the Great of Glories from whom every soul has come forth in the beginning, and they shall return to the Light and ascend to it in the end.’” — Gospel of Mar Mani, 50:1-4
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Speech and Hands, Praise and Work

Sin raised this body out of the five bodies of the darkness and organised it, but it derived its soul from the five Bright Celestial Beings and bound it in the five limbs of the body. He it was who, having completed such a den and dwelling as this, snared and grabbed up the Light Natures, and hid himself behind while the demons preached to the soul and continually led it to all evil deeds and all sins of desire.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 49:9,10
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Grateful for Our Blessed Teacher

“Mani was appointed as one of the Divine Messengers and the presence of the Living Spirit was within him in ancient times and nothing has changed in regards to this matter even to this day. The Way of Mani is the Way of Truth and Life and leads the soul safely to its journey home to the Gardens of Light. The words of Mani Khaila must be adhered to as you have been faithful in adhering to those of my own. He has full authority placed upon him by Abba d’Rabbuta Himself to fulfil all things righteous.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 51:1-3
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Kindness – An Obligation of the Believer

“Kindness is an outward expression of an awakened mind. Kindness should always be viewed as an obligation. Like a mirror that reflects the sun upon the wall, reflect on everyone the kindness others show you. Share loving kindness with others as freely as the snows fall upon the highest mountain tops.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 50:7-10
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