1 There is no such thing as pure evil. There is nothing pure about that which is evil.

2 Do not permit the evil within others to diminish the good within yourself.

3 The root seed of evil is composed of two ingredients: jealousy and greed.

4 By the grace of God and the presence of the Divine Messenger, evil will be rooted out of the one who seeks to perfect the soul by practising the Twelve Virtues.
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Loving Your Neighbour As Yourself

5 And if in this you fulfil the Will of Ilaha, in loving your neighbour as yourself, you will do well: but if you have bias concerning different people, you commit sin; and you are convicted by the Commandments, as transgressors of the Word of Truth.

6 For he that shall do and uphold all the Commandments, and yet fail in one even one of them, is obnoxious to the whole Word of Truth.

Chapter 3 – Epistle of Yakub – Holy Book of Light


1 My beloved brethren, every one of you be quick to hear and slow to speak and slow to anger; for the wrath of man does not bring the righteousness of Ilaha.

2 Therefore, remove yourself from all impurity and the abundance of wickedness; and, with meekness, receive the word that is firmly planted in our nature, which is able to save your souls. But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

3 And if anyone thinks that he worships Ilaha, and does not control his tongue, his heart deceives him and his worship is in vain.

Chapter 2 – Epistle of Yakub – Holy Book of Light