Chapter 15 – Global Anguish

In the Name of Almighty God, the Lord of heaven and King of all nations.

Children of Light,

You have been informed that a momentous life-changing event is on the horizon. This event will have both spiritual and physical dimensions. It will reshape many people’s perspectives on the future of humanity and their relationship with God. While many will be blessed, others will suffer, including some within the community of God on Earth. Blessings are often followed by times of difficulty because the evil one is filled with jealousy and hatred. The evil one desires nothing more than for the people of Almighty God to suffer.

Unless you have failed to uphold the obligations of your covenant, do not assume that such suffering originates from the Creator. Instead, the global anguish that is approaching is the handiwork of those controlled by the evil one.

Seers, mystics, and messengers alike have foretold a time when the world will witness the collapse of society and the failure of human governments. One phase of that time is now upon you. This time was prophesied by the angelic scribes and messengers. They have told you that the evil one seeks to enslave all of humanity through his human agents. A dormant power is emerging from the depths of the sea to sow chaos. The spiritual eyes of the seers will witness the first sign, which will manifest as the month of October dawns in your world. The land will tremble, and the sea will churn. After this, those among the children of God will have the ability to discern clearly who belongs to God and who is of the evil one. The evil ones will appear as worm-eaten corpses, emerging from their graves, hungry to consume the light of God within His flock. The princes of the earth will command them like an army.

In the weeks and months ahead, the seers will witness unfolding phenomena throughout the earth. Unyielding darkness will obscure the eyes of false teachers, and what they call “day” shall become eternal night. These events will serve as signs of the impending doom that will befall those who oppose the will of Almighty God.

Do not be dismayed by these words; instead, bolster your faith and stand firm. Remain faithful to your covenant. Do not grow complacent. Cry out to your Father from the depths of your heart. Pray for your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you. Pray for the righteous who have lost their lives in the battle against the evil one.

Children of God, remain faithful to your covenant. Hold fast to the true teachings and to the traditions that have been handed down to you in your spiritual communities. Unite as one and become a light to those who only have a flicker of hope remaining within them.

Mehr Madʼyana
September 30, 2023


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