What is the harvest?

The harvest encompasses both corporeal and ethereal dimensions, extending across diverse realms of existence, not limited to this earthly plane alone but encompassing others as well. As souls advance along the path of enlightenment, guided by the Teaching of Light, they persist in their spiritual voyage, eventually attaining proximity to the divine essence of the Almighty God.

On Earth, the harvest pertains to individuals who are destined to gain awareness of the Truth, even if it is only through a rudimentary introduction to its concepts. This initial understanding enables them to embrace more profound truths as they transcend the mortal confines of their physical forms.

There are false calls to to revivals taking place in many religious movements. It is a façade created by the evil one. When the revival fails the people are disappointed and eventually start to lose faith. For the evil one it was a successful plan. The sheep who belong to the Father know the difference in that which is real and that which is false, because they know the voice of their Shepherd.