Chapter 10 – The Light of God

In the Name of Almighty God, the Lord of heaven and King of all nations.

Beloved children of Light, I wish to speak to you today so you may receive wisdom that can illuminate your hearts and souls. Reflect upon these words that bind each of you together: putting your trust in the Creator. In the embrace of God’s divine light, you find solace, strength, and purpose.

In this ever-changing world, you often find yourselves facing trials, uncertainties, and tribulations. The vicissitudes of life can cast shadows upon your hearts, sowing doubt and fear within you. Remember, dear children, that you are not alone. You have the eternal Presence of the Creator, who guides and sustains you through every step of your walk on this earth. Just as the sun rises each day, illuminating the world and dispelling darkness, so too does the Creator’s love and wisdom guide you through the darkest of times. You must cultivate unwavering trust in the divine plan, recognizing that everything unfolds according to a purpose beyond your mortal comprehension.

It is natural for you to seek control and certainty in your lives, but remember that true power lies in surrendering to the Creator’s Will. As servants of the Creator, you embrace divine providence and acknowledge that the Creator’s wisdom far surpasses your limited human understanding. In placing your trust in the Creator, you surrender your worries and anxieties, allowing the light of God to guide you on the right path. This trust does not imply passive resignation, but rather an active partnership with the divine. You must strive to align your thoughts, actions, and desires with God’s Will, seeking to fulfill the purpose set forth by the Creator.

In times of doubt or despair, you can find solace in the wisdom passed down to you by the prophets and messengers. The ancient teachings can remind you that the Creator’s love is unyielding and everlasting. Just as Christ triumphed over darkness and brought light into the world, so too does the Creator’s love conquer all obstacles.

Reflect on the mysteries of creation—the intricate web of life that connects everything in your world. The same divine hands that painted the skies and sculpted the mountains also formed each of you, imbuing you with unique gifts and purpose. Your trust in the Creator stems from this profound recognition of your connection with all of creation.

As you move forward, remember to cultivate your trust in the Creator through prayer, meditation, and reflection. Seek moments of stillness to listen to the whispers of the Spirit within your heart. Embrace the beauty of the natural world as a testament to the Creator’s grandeur. And in your interactions with one another, embody the love, compassion, and harmony that the Creator showers upon you.

Beloved children, let the light of truth guide you as you put your trust in the Creator. May you walk with confidence and grace, knowing that you are cradled in the divine embrace of Almighty God. By surrendering to the Creator’s Will, you find purpose, peace, and ultimate fulfillment. Trust in the Creator, for in that trust, you find the truest expression of your souls. May the Almighty’s love forever shine upon you.

Mehr Madʼyana
June 21, 2023

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