Chapter 11 – God’s Hand in Creation

In the Name of Almighty God, the Lord of heaven and King of all nations.

I ask you to reflect upon the wondrous beauty of God’s creation and how His hand can be seen in every aspect of it. As you look around, from the vastness of the universe to the intricate details of a delicate flower, one cannot help but marvel at the divine craftsmanship that surrounds you.

In the beginning, when God spoke the words, “Let there be light,” the universe burst forth into existence. The stars, planets, and galaxies were set in motion by His divine command. From the breathtaking expanse of the cosmos to the tiniest particles that make up your world, everything is precisely ordered and perfectly balanced. It is a testament to God’s wisdom and power. As you observe the natural world, you witness the intricate interplay of ecosystems, where each creature and plant has a role to play. From the majestic eagle soaring through the sky to the humble bee pollinating flowers, every living being has a purpose in the great weaving of creation. It is through these connections that you glimpse God’s providential care and His desire for harmony.

Consider the beauty of a sunrise painting the sky with vibrant hues, or the gentle rhythm of the ocean’s waves as they touch the shore. These moments of awe and wonder can help remind you that creation is not a random accident but, is in fact, a deliberate act of love by a Divine Artist. Almighty God has given you these gifts to uplift your spirits, to inspire you, and to draw you closer to Him.

It is not only in the grandeur of nature that you can find God’s hand at work. Look closely at a flower, and you will see the delicate petals, intricately patterned and perfectly formed. Observe the diversity of life, from the myriad of colors in a coral reef to the intricacies of a butterfly’s wing. These details are not the result of chance or random processes; they are the fingerprints of a loving Creator. Moreover, God’s hand can be seen in the marvel of human life. Each one of you are fearfully and wonderfully made, unique in your own way. From the complexity of your DNA to the capabilities of your minds, you are a testament to God’s creativity and purpose. You are not here by accident but by divine intention, and each life has a level of value that can not be calculated by any human.

As you contemplate the beauty and intricacy of creation, remember your responsibility as stewards of this precious gift. You are called to care for the earth, to be good custodians of the environment, and to recognize the value of all life. Strive to live in harmony with creation, appreciating its beauty, and working to protect and preserve it to the best of your abilities.

Always remember that the same God who formed the mountains and painted the sunsets is the God who knows you intimately and loves you beyond anything you can imagine. Open our hearts to the signs of His presence in the world around you, and may your awe and gratitude for His creation lead you closer to Him.

Mehr Madʼyana
June 29, 2023

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